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I know you want to raise happy, confident and well-rounded children, and this resource is going to help you do it.

In August 2018, students, parents, and tutors who use Tutorful submitted 13,567 recommendations for great child self-esteem boosting activities, programs, and books.

It was a tough selection process.  Editors whittled down hundreds of recommended resources, and only the best submissions are featured in the editorial.  They selected only the top resources and advice for helping improve children’s self-esteem!   

Ready to help your kids believe in themselves?! This article is filled with great resources for you and your kids. It’s extensive and well researched.

Go forth and help children, everybody! This editorial will help you do JUST that.


“In an age where children are exposed to social media influencers peddling lifestyle messages, cyber-bullies targeted advertising and rapidly changing social expectations it can be harder than ever to ensure that they grow up with a positive view of themselves.

By putting the time and energy into helping your children nail positive approaches to self-esteem and self-confidence early on you can ensure that they become the happy, well-rounded individuals they were meant to be!

There is loads of help out there for parents looking to raise their children with a strong sense of self-esteem.  Resources ranging from self-esteem tests and activities to books and programs that teach kids and teenagers about the importance of valuing themselves and what they bring to the world.

We know how busy life can get for parents. We’ve tried to make it a little easier by bringing together some of the best expert advice and self-esteem boosting activities in an easily digestible format below. To top it all off, we’ve collated some of the best programs, books, and activities out there (recommended by Tutorful tutors, students and parents) in a Best of 2018 list below!”

The story behind the book… Book six!

I Believe in Myself

I Believe in Myself
I Believe in Myself

Always I strive to find ways for kids to feel more positively about themselves, to trust that they are capable people. I wrote ‘I Believe in Myself’ to boost self-confidence in children. To help strengthen their sense of self before they get to the years of extreme peer pressure and self-doubt. If young kids, ages 4-8, are BOOSTED up, they will ride that wave of confidence into junior high and be able to stand up for themselves.

Believing in yourself can be hard. 

All people, not just kids, wonder if they are good enough, strong enough, or fast enough. Everyone wonders if he or she’ll be up to all the challenges life presents. My goal with this book was to teach children than it’s okay to wonder if they’ll be ‘enough’.  Everyone does! They can wonder about it, but then overcome that doubt and carry on.

The story behind the book…. Book Four!

I Will Be Okay

Here comes book four! I started writing the mantra series with the idea that I would do three: one for each of my children. The first character (in ‘I Can Handle It’) is named Sebastien for my eldest.  The second character is named Elise (in ‘I Matter’) for my second. Then I had the inspiration to write a second ‘I Can Handle It’ based on kids learning to handle special days, like birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, etc. I published this one shortly before the Christmas season, 2017, and it became my third book.

Now the pressure was on!  Not that my third child, Max, really cared of course, given that he was three at the time, and didn’t realize his mommy had yet to write a book about him.

I Will Be Okay
I Will Be Okay

I chose this topic to help parents deal with our frequent lack of the right words to say. We often don’t know how to reassure our kids that things will turn out alright and that they’ll be okay.  Instead, we often just repeat ‘You’ll be okay’. Surprisingly, this doesn’t actually reassure them that they will be okay! It usually just makes them worry more.

I realized this was a common occurrence after running a workshop for kids and their parents, and wanted to share a way to both help boost a child’s positive self-talk, but also to give parents and adults who work with kids some good language to use when dealing with worried kids. Kids can read this book and learn some things they can think about when they’re worried, and then answer positively, that they WILL be okay.

The story behind the book…..Book Five!

I Will Try

Last year I went through a tricky time with my daughter. I realized that I’d been babying her a *bit* too much, and was trying to STOP IT already! You see, she has a very different personality than my boys. Where my eldest was dressing himself at two (because he wanted to choose his own clothes) she wanted me to do it for her at FIVE. (At six too, now that I think about it) She would lay on her bedroom floor, telling me how hard it was to put socks on, and I was about ready to collapse in a heap beside her in frustration!

I Will Try
I Will Try

I often was on the receiving end of the crossed arms and pouty face when I asked her to do something and that was where the idea for this book was born from.

As far I’m concerned it doesn’t matter if she put her socks on inside out, or her shoes on the wrong feet, or if her clothes don’t match. What matters to me is that she TRIES to do things herself.

At the swimming pool, I used to dry her, get her undressed and redressed. I mean, it’s cold after all! (Not to mention faster…)  Well, last year in grade one she had to go with her class for swimming lessons. Her teacher made her get dressed all ON HER OWN!  (of course)  I didn’t even realize that she may not be able to, I assumed that she’d be able to do it herself, even though I’d really never pushed her to or given her the chance. This was a smack upside the head moment for me.  #MOMFAIL

Have you read more than one of my books? If you have, you’ll notice that almost every one has a page about swimming lessons.  So many poolside meltdowns!


The story behind the book… Book three!

Can you handle special occasions?

I Can Handle Special Occasions
I Can Handle Special Occasions

I’m curious, have you ever noticed how even when you look forward to a special occasion you also feel anxious about it as well? There are plenty of emotions happening inside during holidays, birthdays, and all of our special days. Kids feel the same way but without the ability to self-regulate, and often without the ability to explain how they’re feeling.  I wrote this book to help kids understand that overwhelming feelings are normal, and of course to try and help them figure out good ways to handle those BIG feelings!

Gatherings of people are stressful – for everyone!

When my kids were younger, birthday parties were stressful. Truthfully, they sometimes still are.  There are lots of people and the excitement level in the house is high, there are so many delightful looking PRESENTS, but they aren’t to open yet! (insert meltdown #1) Now, let’s throw in a whole bunch of friends, who are also excited and who also see that stack of presents (insert meltdown #2).  I like to think I got smarter as the kids got older. Now I don’t worry about inviting ALL the kids in the class, or about where we go or what we do. I let my kids decide and for the most part, we keep it low-key. My ten-year-old is now able to articulate what he wants and it’s usually a few close friends doing a favorite activity. (often Fortnite, *sigh*)

There are more special occasions than just birthdays of course. Fireworks, mascots in giant costumes with mouths that don’t move, and family get-togethers where there is no plain pasta in sight are other examples of things that have caused anxiety in our family.

I chose this topic for my third book because I wanted to help kids realize that the overwhelming feelings were (a) normal and (b) could be handled with a little bit of help.

The story behind the book… Book two!

I Matter

After I published ‘I Can Handle It’, I was eager to do it again! (Self-publishing is where it’s at for authors, quick and easy, and all your royalties! I could go on.) 

There were many mantras I could choose from, in fact, I even created a Daily Mantra card pack, so there was 25 to choose from right there. I chose the mantra ‘I Matter’ came from an article a friend shared. The writer was a woman who’s close friend died by suicide and it was about what she would have said to that friend if given a second chance.  She said all she would have said was, ‘You matter. You MATTER, YOU MATTER, YOU MATTER!’.

Around the same time, another high school student in a nearby town had died by suicide. I wanted a way to share the message that all people matter. This was the motivation for writing this book next.

Kids often came to my kindergarten classroom thinking they were helpless, and not knowing how to begin even a simple task – because they had rarely been given the chance.

I didn’t boost their self-efficacy by telling them that they could do anything, be anything, that they were oh-so-wonderful. (Kids are smart, they know BS when they hear it.)I did my best to boost their belief in themselves by making them DO things. Not for me, but for the class, for friends, for plants, for animals, and for themselves.

To an outsider, it might have looked like the kids were only rewarded or validated when they ‘performed’. However, upon looking closer, there’s a lot to learn that many people don’t realize. The reward comes from the doing.

Kids who get the chance to serve, to help, to contribute feel GREAT about themselves. Even when they take a few tries to get something right, even if they DON’T get it right, the learning is in the trying, in the doing.

There is no learning about yourself, no growth, no belief in your own ability when things are done FOR you.

The purpose of I Matter is to teach kids to look for the feedback cues they matter when the words aren’t spoken (because they rarely are). Looking for feedback from an important person in our lives is common. We search for a smile, a laugh, some interest being shown, and not every child is given that. So then we show them how to water a plant, hug a sad friend or make a baby laugh. Upon doing any of these things, there is sure to be feedback – rarely spoken out loud – that a young child can look for and then feel validation about themselves and their self-worth.
This is how children learn.
Daily Mantras
25 cards to use at home or at school

When kids learn to believe in themselves and their abilities they will realize how very much they matter.

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The story behind the story…. Book One!

I Can Handle It


I Can Handle It!
Laurie and her first book!

Over ten years as a Kindergarten teacher, I noticed increasingly more kids coming to school each year struggling with learned helplessness.  Kids AREN’T helpless, they often have never been taught how to handle life’s tricky emotions or encouraged to solve everyday problems on their own.  My students and the growing epidemic motivated me to write a book that would help!


I wrote the first version over ten years ago and then filed it away under ‘bucket list item #9’.  A quick google search clarified it would be a long, daunting process to ‘get published’.
Life happened next: a husband and three kids and ten years later…
I often thought about that story I had written, and wondering if it was any good, however, I had zero confidence about it, NONE.  I‘m not someone who has always wanted to be a writer, I don’t have a closet full of journals, stories, and poems. No one told me ‘You should write! You’re so talented!’.  Nuh-uh, not me.

What I had was a dawning realization that kids were in trouble and that there weren’t enough resources to help them. The need to help grew until I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I re-worked the manuscript, with help from a great group of mamas, and figured out how to get the thing published. Turned out, in 2016 getting published was easy because you just did it yourself! 2016 was awesome.

That is the story of how I Can Handle It came to be. Well, the short version anyway.
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