The story behind the book…. Book Four!

I Will Be Okay

Here comes book four! I started writing the mantra series with the idea that I would do three: one for each of my children. The first character (in ‘I Can Handle It’) is named Sebastien for my eldest.  The second character is named Elise (in ‘I Matter’) for my second. Then I had the inspiration to write a second ‘I Can Handle It’ based on kids learning to handle special days, like birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, etc. I published this one shortly before the Christmas season, 2017, and it became my third book.

Now the pressure was on!  Not that my third child, Max, really cared of course, given that he was three at the time, and didn’t realize his mommy had yet to write a book about him.

I Will Be Okay
I Will Be Okay

I chose this topic to help parents deal with our frequent lack of the right words to say. We often don’t know how to reassure our kids that things will turn out alright and that they’ll be okay.  Instead, we often just repeat ‘You’ll be okay’. Surprisingly, this doesn’t actually reassure them that they will be okay! It usually just makes them worry more.

I realized this was a common occurrence after running a workshop for kids and their parents, and wanted to share a way to both help boost a child’s positive self-talk, but also to give parents and adults who work with kids some good language to use when dealing with worried kids. Kids can read this book and learn some things they can think about when they’re worried, and then answer positively, that they WILL be okay.

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