Mindful Mantras: I’m Proud of Myself


Kids should learn to be proud of their effort, regardless of the outcome!


Are you proud of yourself?

Hopefully, the answer to that question is YES, but even confident people struggle sometimes.

Boost your child’s positive self-talk by teaching them this mantra: I’M PROUD OF MYSELF.

Even when things are hard, even when things go wrong, even when things turn out unexpectedly, kids should be proud of the effort they put in.

Emotions are tricky and hard to handle when you’re small, and kids need our help! This Mindful Mantra equips children with a necessary skill to cope with negative emotions that arise when things don’t go as planned.

Give the children in your life the gift of learning to believe in themselves, a gift that will last a lifetime.

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Absolutely delightful read!
on October 10, 2018


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