The story behind the book…..Book Five!

I Will Try

Last year I went through a tricky time with my daughter. I realized that I’d been babying her a *bit* too much, and was trying to STOP IT already! You see, she has a very different personality than my boys. Where my eldest was dressing himself at two (because he wanted to choose his own clothes) she wanted me to do it for her at FIVE. (At six too, now that I think about it) She would lay on her bedroom floor, telling me how hard it was to put socks on, and I was about ready to collapse in a heap beside her in frustration!

I Will Try
I Will Try

I often was on the receiving end of the crossed arms and pouty face when I asked her to do something and that was where the idea for this book was born from.

As far I’m concerned it doesn’t matter if she put her socks on inside out, or her shoes on the wrong feet, or if her clothes don’t match. What matters to me is that she TRIES to do things herself.

At the swimming pool, I used to dry her, get her undressed and redressed. I mean, it’s cold after all! (Not to mention faster…)  Well, last year in grade one she had to go with her class for swimming lessons. Her teacher made her get dressed all ON HER OWN!  (of course)  I didn’t even realize that she may not be able to, I assumed that she’d be able to do it herself, even though I’d really never pushed her to or given her the chance. This was a smack upside the head moment for me.  #MOMFAIL

Have you read more than one of my books? If you have, you’ll notice that almost every one has a page about swimming lessons.  So many poolside meltdowns!


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